Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ben the philosopher

Ben is FINALLY back. It felt like ages since I talked to him and then he texted me and I was so happy! Not too happy cause he can be a sassy jerk, but I was happy because he's one of my best friends. Anywho, I'm sorry he went all philosopher on you in his last post. I shall speak to him on that.

Hard things since last time I posted~
July 7: I finished all my watching of my school for all of eleventh grade! I stayed up late to finish it.
July 8: I woke up early and worked hard and finished all of my tests and finished eleventh grade. I am now a senior!
July 9: I went kayaking to hone my kayaking skills. I'm training to be a kayaking guide.
July 10: I helped at my parents business during the lunch fish even though I was not skeduled to work and I was tired.
July 11: I helped my sister pack her stuff for her trip.
July 12: I helped give a group of girl guides a tour around town and I helped set up a bunch of stuff for a youth drop-in that my community hosts.
July 13: I helped our front desk lady, Sara, count out her till change at the end of the night.
That's it's for hard things for now!


The sister, the next oldest after me, left Friday afternoon to go to Wisconson for teen camp. I usually would be going except for the fact that I'm going to camp in august in North Carolina instead. So I hope she is ok and all is well.

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