Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching Up

Hello All,
I'm sure you're all like “Who is this guy writing on Addy’s blog?!?!” Perhaps I need a reintroduction, Hello my name is Benjamin and I am Addy’s cousin as well as co-owner of this blog. And no, I did not abandon her I have just been insanely busy, as well as having no Wifi, yes that’s right I have been really roughing it.
First of all I was at camp for a week, so that happened. Then the week I got back we moved to a new city so that has been going on, and then this past week I have been in the new house which is awesome except I have no Wifi, so at the time of the writing of the article I am sitting at my desk in Microsoft Word trying not to go crazy.
Actually it’s not that bad and it’s interesting to see how priorities change when you don’t have what you’re used to. For instance this week I spent a lot more time reading than I normally do. I also spent more time cooking and playing guitar. Now I’m not saying I’m all for living without Wifi, I have really missed communicating with my friends and believe me I will be rejoicing tomorrow when it gets hooked up. But through this whole experience it has given me a new look about what really needs to be important in life.
Sorry if that got to philosophical for you, just something to think about. As for the rest of the summer I should be able to get into more of regular posting schedule and with living in a new city I’m sure there will be plenty of experiences to post about. Well that’s all for now, you’ll hear from me soon,

(P.S. Addy this 100 days of hard things challenge sounds really cool, I'm proud of you for doing it, and good luck!)

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