Monday, July 7, 2014

More hard things

I havnt kept up with the posting aspect of my hard things, but I have been doing them. I've been really busy.

June 2: I went for a run even though I never run. I forced myself to do it. Very hard.
June 3: I went through my sisters room and took everything out of the corners and under her bed and behind her dresser. I went through it and gave a bunch of stuff away then cleaned out her whole room.
June 4: I made my bed in the morning. Very small and pitiful, I know. But that is very hard for me. It's one of the jobs I hate the most in life.
June 5:  I finished a week's worth of Chemistry in one day so I could be done for summer.
June 6: I finished a week's worth of Geometry in one day to be done for summer. (It was worse than Chemistry)

So that's it! My hard things. Small but meaningful to me. Jobs I would not otherwise have gotten done are now finished. It feels good.
Im almost finished the fourth season of Dr. Who and I cried when I was done "Journeys End". Then I watched it again and I cried again. It was amazingly sad. Tenrose if PERF.

My sister leaves for camp next Friday. *sobs because I'm not going with her* It's my favorite camp! The only camp I've ever been to of course, but awesome none the less. I'm going to a different camp this year, reason why I'm not going with her. But it's her first time and she has to go to the states all by herself. Poor little eighth grader.

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