Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hard thing number one

   Yesterday was the beginning of my "100 hard things" challenge. The hard thing I did yesterday was voluntarily do dishes that weren't mine and vacuum the stairs and entry way even though I was in the middle of my new favourite show. Small, mabey. But hard things are different for each person. My hard thing and your hard things could very we'll be totally opposite, but they have one thing in common. There both hard to different people. Don't ever put down someone else's hard thing.
   On another note, my new favourite show. *drum roll* DOCTOR WHO! Yes. I started watching Doctor Who on Thursday, and I am now on season three. "Doomsday", the last episode of the second season, tore me apart emotionally. Tenrose (the doctor+Rose. Also my OTP) is the most perfect thing ever. They compliment eachother amazingly. Sure mabey some of the graphics are not perfect, but that's a hard thing to do. The graphics for that show. And mabey they do use that sonic screwdriver whenever they can't seem to get the Doctor out of a situation, but any of these flaws can be overlooked. The Doctor is an amazing character. A natural character. A good man but with a certain amount of evil in him, like all humans. He's not perfect. That makes him so much more believable. The fact that he believes in Rose makes it even more amazing. He sends her into dangerous circumstances because he trusts that she'll do the right thing and be able to get herself out. As much as I am emotionally unstable because of Doomsday, it give a very real aspect to the Doctor and Roses relationship. They could never be together forever, and the Doctor relized that. He loved her, but not amount of love can make impossible things possible. I will forever love this show.

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