Friday, February 26, 2016

The Embaresment is Real

Sometimes, I regret things. Actually, a lot of times I regret things. Like that time I crashed my fourwheeler into a pole and did not tell my parents until the found out at the end of the summer. Or that time I wore a baggy purple shirt with a baggy multi-coloured skirt. (TBH, I regret most of my teenage fashion choices.) But right now? I regret all if the blog posts I wrote on here when I was 16. How did this regret come about? It is Ben's fault. I was happily going about my life until he texted me one day and says "remember out blog? You should write a post." So I listened to him. But before writing a new one, I looked back at all of the old ones. I shuddered. And cried. And then wrote this post to revive my crumbling reputation. It has been two years since Ben and I started this blog, so obviously plenty of things have changed since then. For one, I am no longer sixteen. SURPRISE! No, actually, if you are familiar with the way the world works, you will know that I am no longer sixteen. I am actually 18. No longer am I in high school, but I am in college, spending the next four years in the United States studying history. Today is a turning point. Ben and I are going to start posting much more often. Now, though, I must go and listen to my professor lecture about classical economics.

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