Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Crisis in My Life

                   Hello everyone,
            I’m back with some terrible news that is going on in my life… I am on season six out of seven of my favorite (and quite possibly best) TV show out there. That’s right ladies and gentlemen I am speaking of Burn Notice.
Now about seven months ago I came across this show on Netflix and I was hooked. I was compelled to watch season after season (thank goodness that all of the season were on Netflix). Yet recently I came to the realization when I got WiFi that I only had about a season and a half left, that led to the bittersweet feeling of wanting to finish it because it’s so good, and not because it means it will be over. So right now I am trying to think of ways to cope with ending your favorite TV show, which maybe a future blog post.
            Anyways that’s what’s been happening lately; also I started reading The Fault In Our Stars. So hopefully I won’t be locked in a state of emotional paralysis with all of this traumatic stuff going down. In random news I am really hungry right now (if you are reading this at a date later than when it was posted the same is probably true). Well that’s all for now.

(P.S. I realize I probably offended a lot of you by say that Burn Notice might be the greatest show, but I really don’t care just deal with it)

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