Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Apologize

Dear Faithful Reader,
          Now you may be thinking, considering the title, that I am about to apologize for not posting for almost 2 years. Well you would be wrong, I in fact am not sorry for that at all. Well maybe a little.. but that is not the point. To be perfectly honest the memory of this blog had faded from my brain like the sun descending into the horizon. Not that it was gone, to continue the analogy, no it was still there but in the deep recesses of my mind,waiting to be resurrected in a glorious sunrise. And today my friends was that day. I opened my blogger panel and decided to take a trip into the past. And let me tell you it was not pretty. 
           Very rarely does my present self have to come into stark contrast with the dorky idiocy of my youth but today I did. So to all of the people (the 3 of you out there) who read this blog in its early days. I am deeply sorry you had to put up with the low quality of content and horrible recommendations. I would now like to formally recant a few things. First, burn notice is not my favorite show and I cannot believe I said it was one of the greatest shows out there. I have seen the error of my ways and repented. Secondly, I said that I was going to give a deeper analysis of TFIOS but after two years of anticipation it has not come out, and probably never will. Even on the other blog I semi-annually write on (http://booketblog.blogspot.com/). And thirdly, well  don't really have a third thing but I was told you weren't supposed to make a list with only two points so here you have the third point. 
           Onto a few things that I have retained from the past, I still have not and do not plan on watching Dr Who anytime soon, as each day passes that conviction only grows more adamant. Another thing that will probably continue from the days of yore is inadequacy of my blogging skills. You can expect another article in two years when I will be cringing, apologizing, and recanting all of the things I am saying presently. Until then,

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