Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mockingjay

      Hello All,
If you have kept up with any sort of pop culture over the past 2-3 years you have probably heard of the wildly popular Hunger Games series. Now Addy and I are both big fans of the series, I think we have both read through the series at least twice, as well as having watched through the movies countless times. So when the new Mockingjay trailer came out yesterday we were both very excited. That said the trailer is what I will be talking about today.
  Wow gives me chills just watching it. I enjoy how this trailer is setting up for the movie, I think it is able to capture somewhat of the grittiness that is present in the book. It also seems to be capturing the spirit of the rebellion very well  Also I noticed that they have not explained in any of this about what District 13 is and I think that is a good move to keep it more of a mystery (at least for those who haven't read the book) until the movie. As far as new characters go I think Julianne Moore will be good as President Alma Coin. Also you see Cressida in this trailer and I think the casting on that is spot on. For the rest of the casting I'm not really worried about that I think it has been extremely accurate in the first two movies so I'm excited to see it in the new movie. Well those were just some of my thoughts about the trailer, any more I can say is just that this really got me excited for the movie.

   In news other than the trailer I went to a rodeo which was pretty cool. Also I finished The Fault In Our Stars, and wow it was good, very thought provoking. Anyways that is all for now,


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