Monday, June 9, 2014

Flying through the open sky

  The glare of the sun beats down on me as I sit up stretching and enjoying the lovely morning. Haha no. That was a joke. I actually woke up to no sun because it was five in the morning. And I did not enjoy anything in the morning. Actually, does five o'clock even count as morning? I don't think so. Why am I getting up so early you may ask? We'll me and my siblings had a plane too catch at 6:50. We were going back home! It's been six months of vacationing and visiting and we are now finally back home and getting our house in order. My mom is still down south until Thursday so i got the privellage*  of taking my siblings on the plane. But were finally home and it's such a relief.
   Wow Ben, you finally posted. I thought you died or something. Can I be the main speaker at your funeral when you do die? I have so many stories I could share.

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