Monday, June 9, 2014

About Me: Benjamin

     Hello everyone, My name is Benjamin and as you may have guessed I am the cousin of Addy, and the co-author of this blog. So before I start sharing stories from my life I will introduce myself. As you already know my name is Benjamin bust most of my friends and family call me Ben. Speaking of family I have 5 siblings, of which I am the third from the oldest, and the fourth from the youngest, a fact which I just added to make it more confusing than it actually is. 
     As far as stuff that I like to do, I love sports, pretty much all of them, my favorite is football. I also really like camping, and hiking, and just being outside in general. In my freetime I enjoy playing guitar, and listening to music. Another thing I love to do is read, what books do I read??? you may ask. Well enthused reader, I pretty much like all books, whether they are classics, or new releases. My favorite series is without question the Hunger Games. I have read the trilogy through twice, and have watched the movies countless times. 
      Another thing I suppose I should mention is I love to travel. Everything thing about it airports, new places, even packing. Some of the places on my travel bucket-list are Greece, Machu Picchu, and New Zealand, and believe there are many more places than that I would like to visit some day.  
       Well that's all I have for today. As for future posts I can't promise that all of them will be the most interesting, but I will be sharing the day to day events that happen along this crazy journey that is life. 

(P.S. Wow Addy that escalated quickly)

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