Monday, September 15, 2014

The name of the doctor

   I would just like to take a moment to say I'm am very sorry for not posting hardly at all lately. I've been busy with school starting and my parents being gone.
    I would also like to say that I finished season seven of Doctor Who! Yes, I am now caught up. Season eight is airing now every week so I shall watch those to keep up with my favourite TV show. I can't decide whether to watch Burn Notice next or Once Upon A Time. Hard decision. Honestly if i wasn't such a hard tenrose shipper (the tenth doctor and Rose Tyler for those of you who are not Whovians) Clara and The eleventh doctor might very we'll be my OTP. I'm sad that there story is now ended, but I'm ready for the twelth doctors story to begin.

   Also, I am writing a book. The working title is Count It All Joy and I shall post an excerpt here:

*    "Help me, Lottie!" He struggled for breathe as the current bobbed him up and down in the water.
    Kyle kneeled down next to me and reached his hand out,"Grab my hand, Rory."
    "I c-can't reach," his lips were a light blue and his eye-lids started dropping.
    "Kyle, do something! He's freezing!"
    A cracking sound filled the air and the branch that Rory was holding onto broke off. A blood-curling scream escaped from his mouth as he was pulled down the river. His head dissapeared under the water.*
Copyright Adriana Daudrich 2014

   Well? Whatcha think? Give me some opinions.

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